17 October 2012

Proton new business plan to be revealed next month

DRB-HICOM has announced that it is planning to reveal Proton's new business plan next month in an attempt to turn around the national car maker. The news broke at Malaysian Institute of Certified Public Accontants-Bursa Malaysia forum, by Datuk Seri Che Khalid Mohamad Noh, the Group COO of DRB-HICOM.

The move is dubbed as essential as Proton's problem can bring down the whole DRB-HICOM business, although it is highly diversified and drawing some RM4 billion in sales of automotive, motor an military product. DRB-HICOM is the assembler of many foreign brand.

Nothing has been hinted yet other the casual statement such as the necessity to come up with a car that market wants at a competitive price and also a re-look into vendor ecosystem. Such statement is nothing new really and since DSZ is at helm, vendor rationalisation has already taken place and competitively priced and wanted car such as Proton Saga BLM and Proton Persona has been launched since 2007. So, wait till next month then....

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