20 July 2011

2012 Honda Civic Asia/Arab version

As usual, Asian Civic get different front and rear treatment from its US sibling. So for this ninth generation, it will be the same story. Some pictures of Asia/Arab version has filtered down through the net. Since it is LHD, I guess this is still a Gulf version, where differences to Asia version will probably limited to steering position.

More details after the jump.
The headlamps is different to US version. The amber indicator is now clear in color. Other than that they are virtually identical.

The rear end get a typical differentiation in the form of added reflector strips. This is similar to current Accord where US Accord get a "bare" tail and the Asian version get a reflector strip on the boot lid. Then the facelifted version of US Accord get this strip too. So probably we are seeing a facelifted US Civic 2 years in advanced now.

Interior looks identical , right down to the jumbo button sized for the ICE system.

For comparison, below is the picture of USDM Civic for reference.

Bare lid, minus the reflector strip make the USDM model appear too simple at the back.

The clear indicator lens and projector headlamps of Asian/Arab Civic make it more upmarket looking, where is US Civic looks cheap in comparison.

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