26 July 2011

Proton Saga FLX - pricing details

Microsite for the new Saga FLX is now up and running at epicsaga and Proton Edar website. The official launch will be on August 1, as indicated in the microsite. However, the full model line-up and pricing has been announced.

Saga FLX comprises of 4 model range, made up of Manual transmission and CVT, both comes in Standard or Executive guise. The Campro IAFM 1.3 lump produced 94bhp@5750 rpm and 120Nm@4000 rpm. Power and torque figures are similar to Saga FL but peak power was produced at lower rev compared to at  6000rpm for Saga FL Campro lump. This could be due to an improved IAFM. Due to lower engine speed  too, fuel consumption at constant 90km/h is 5.7 l/100km and 6.0 l/km for manual and CVT respectively, are 5% better than Saga FL. 

For pricing, Standard model starts at RM38,148 for MT and RM41,148 for CVT. Executive model, which comes with ABD with EBD and dual airbags cost RM41,948 for MT and RM44,548 for CVT. All prices are for solid color. Metallic paint required additional RM400. The car comes in 5 color choice; Solid White, Tranquility Black, Genetic Silver, Blue Rock and new Elegance Brown.

The car can be booked from now on. So head to your Proton agents for a 1.3l car that comes with modern CVT and value for money full-sized sedan body, all yours for less than RM50k! Maybe time is already up for 1.3l Hatchback car that comes only with 4 speed auto transmission!

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