24 July 2011

Proton Saga FLX - price starts at RM38,598

More details of Saga FLX start to filter through the net, which can be found from Funtastickodesign and Arenakereta. From the brochure there are basically 4 version of Saga FLX. There are Standard and Executive model, where each got a manual and CVT option.The CVT, as expected came from Punch as rumored. Does this means that the rumors of  6 speed manual with Getrag will materialize too with Persona R? With the existence of Manual transmission, does this means that there is no more Saga FL?  

More details after the jump.

The CVT has a preset 6 ratios that can be engaged with SAT button on gear console. The rest of the interior is pure Saga FL.

 Below are the photos of CVT Standard line car, credit to Arenakereta

Despite the SAT button, the lack of paddle shifter as well as + and - on the gear console, it seems that the changed can't be controlled manually. Perhaps that Stepped Auto mode will mimic the conventional torque converter "shift sensation" instead.

It is the car is getting more and more tailored towards market demand. This set a very interesting battle indeed with Perodua, especially with the recent resurgence of Proton as market leader in Malaysian market. As for the price, one advertisement is already up in Mudah.my, which states the price of RM38,598. I believed this is for 1.3 MT Standard, which is slightly more expensive than Saga FL MT Standard at RM37,998.

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