17 July 2011

Perodua Myvi Elegance Photos

More photos of Myvi Elegance. The car is in Ebony Black. The high gloss really accentuates the curvature of the body surfacing and the curvy skirting. My verdict is that Perodua really gives their all in designing this new baby. There's no awkward angle to be viewed, be it front, side and rear. The interior too is free from obvious ergonomic foibles. This is hardly surprising as the new Myvi has a big shoe to fill. Anyhow, enjoy the photos.

Cohesive front fascia design, the skirting squared off the jaw, lending it more squat appearance
More photos after the jump.

Full of intersecting lines from the flanks to the tailgate. Rear combi has an old Punto overtones. Stylish rear apron

Very intricate detailing on rear apron, a far cry from crude item on old Myvi

Stylish tailgate design, with nice garnish detailing that include protruding Perodua emblems

The flared arches can be seen clearly from isometric angles

The flowing roof line and character line surrounding the window gives the car a stubby look

Pity the wheel is only 14 inches in size. Perhaps 15" or even 16" will fill the arch better

Intricate detailing inside the headlamp, with class-first projector set

Front apron really gives the car a sporty look

Side mirror looks way better than the old one, has some VW overtones to it

Chrome handles gives  a touch of class, exclusive to Elegance variant only

Rear spoiler, perfect compromise between overdone and half-hearted effort

Three peaks along the span gives the spoiler a flowing and "wing" look

Gone is the slab surface of old car, welcome to curved body lines

Myvi Elegance, all yours for a whopping RM57k!

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