25 July 2011

Proton Persona R (P3-21A)Body-in-white

*UPDATE - This is no longer a secret. DSZ launched this first BIW at Tanjung Malim plant, and this was featured in Buletin Utama at 8.20pm. Seems that the video a few hours ago was leaked while the staff got their chance to see the BIW.

The Body-In-White of new Proton Persona R photos has leaked to the net. The event looks a like a first body out of assy line ceremony or something like it, judging the crowd of excited Proton workers and some obvious vendor uniform shirt. The videos can be found at funtasticko.
The new car has adopted a cab-forward design, where the A-pillar meeting point with the side panel is way above the wheelarch, instead of be behind it. The front shape of the car still can't be seen as they haven't fit the fender just yet. If they do, then we can determined the shape of headlamp too.

More photos after the jump.

 From here, the flowing roof arch can be seen clearly, as demonstrated by Proton Tuah showcar. There is no straight flat roof on this car, potentially can lead to a thoroughly modern shape, hopefully.

The Tuah photo above show the similarity of roofline arch. However, the shape of C-pillar on Tuah is unfound on this BIW of Persona R. As you can see below, the door cutline is reversed in angle, as compared to downward sloping rear door cut-line on Tuah. For simplicity, think of Mazda 3 rear door shape.
The picture above show the rear door cut-line. Also presence is the character line along the flanks, again, more and  more like Tuah showcar.

Both of the photos above show the shape of rear combi. As you can compared with Tuah rear end design below, the shape of meeting line between rear combi and side panel might just be similar to the showcar. However, as the bumper and trunklid are not yet fitted, we don't know yet how the rear combi will eventually, totally looks like.

The car is obviously adopt high-short tail approach, where the rear end will be stubby. You can see also the bootspace in this BIW.

All in all, seems that the P0 BIW has finally been made. In due course, surely the working P0 car will start attacking the road. Anyway, dear all Proton engineers, all the best and very best of luck on your way to produce an entirely new and exciting Proton family member! 

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