20 July 2011

Proton maintain its market lead in June 2011

Sales statistic of June 2011 sees Proton is maintaining its lead over Perodua. Total sales statistic can be obtained from Motortrader. Proton recorded 13,012 car sales in June, compared to mere 8,870 units for the second national car maker. Cumulative Jan-June stands at 85,223 units for Proton and 79,467 for Perodua, where the first national car maker increased its lead significantly compared to May sales record. 

While the model spesific statistic is remain to be seen, I am convinced that Perodua's sale is suffering in this transition between the old Myvi and the new Myvi 2011. This is because Myvi is the back boned of its sales statistic since 2005. Until the delivery of the model is back to its usual standard, this is the sales pattern that we are going to see.

Personally I think Perodua should react in more proactive way. Probably a lower-line Myvi will do, or a tarted-up Viva with more value for money. Proton also should also capitalize this situation. If only the new Persona replacement can be launched now, surely the new booking can sustain the market lead for quite sometimes to come. Or at least, please come up with an improved Saga BLM ( rumoured with CVT) soon enough. Better still, maybe launched a run-out edition of current Persona with every accessories loaded to the brim.

More updates will come when the model by model sales statistic is published. 

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