17 February 2012

Leaked Volvo V40 photos - design rejuvenation continues

Volvo V40 is due to bow in at Geneva Motor Show in March. The model is rumoured to replace the V50 estate, and if the 3 door version makes its way to production, will replace the C30 too. However, these are yet to be confirmed. Regardless of any variants it may spawned, V40 is set to challenge the establishment of BMW 1-Series and Audi A3.

Volvo V40 is set to continue Volvo's design rejuvenation, which has come a long since the first Volvo S80 was introduced. The shouldered belt line and sharply chopped rear end has evolved into a curvaceous lines, with smoothly contoured rear end blending well into the rear lights. The front end has been softened too with soft radius. This design trend has evolved well since the XC60 SUV where it has been further refined into the S60.

The V40 is about 4,500mm long. This means that it is just slightly smaller than the V50. The rakish rear end however does not seems to be too cargo-friendly, but this applies to the V60 too.

So what say you? Still think Volvo is for old man? Two more photos after the jump including the stylish rear fascia.

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