18 February 2012

Nissan launched two new commercial vehicles-Navara Single Cab & NV200 Vanette

Edaran Tan Chong Motor has introduced two new commercial vehicles for our market, namely the Nissan Navara single cab 4X2 pick-up truck and the NV200 commercial van. This is to cater the needs of the commercial customers who now has a wider option of vehicles.

First up is the Navara single cab. This pick up is based on the same underpinnings like the double cab Navara, but with the rear body replaced with a host of body styles including Luton, Steel and Wooden type. The single cab version sits on a 3,200mm wheelbase which is the same as the four-seater version. All type of body style mentioned above offers a 2,630mm long of cargo bed length.
The Navara single cab is powered by YD25DDTi 2,488cc turbo-diesel engine in low tune compared to mid and high tune of the rest of Navara range. In this state of tune, the DOHC in-line-4 cylinder engine with Variable Nozzle Turbine produced 144PS@4000rpm and 294Nm@2000rpm. Sole transmission option is 5 speed manual and drive is channelled to the rear wheel only. The Navara single cab is priced from RM68,250 for the steel-bodied version, followed by the wooden-bodied at RM68,500 and the most expensive version is the Luton body style which comes at RM72,800. 
The second vehicle is the NV200 Vanette, dubbed as the successor to the 'pasar malam' Nissan C22 Vanette. NV200 is comparatively compact at just 4,400mm long, shorter than your FD Honda Civic. However, within the body and its 2,725mm wheelbase, the interior can swallow 4.2 cubic metre of cargos, where two standard size Euro-pallets within its 2.04m long, 1.36m tall and 1.5m wide.
Unlike its diesel-sipper pick-up sibling, NV200 is powered by gasoline 1,598cc lump with CVTC systems. Produced 109PS@6000rpm and 152Nm@4400 of power and torque, the engine channelled the drive to the front wheel via 5 speed manual transmission. Price is RM65,250 for Peninsular Malaysia.

For more details, head to Nissan Malaysia website at http://www.nissan.com.my/default.aspx. The gallery of both model can be found after the jump.

Nissan Navara Single Cab Gallery.

Nissan NV200 Vanette Gallery.


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