06 February 2012

Toyota 86 RC Spec - not your typical entry level!

Toyota has officially released the Hachiroku to its domestic market, and as usual for JDM car, there are a dizzying array of option and trim level to choose for. The version that caught eyes at Malaysia Motoring News is this, the cheapest version you can buy, and it is called the RC. With price that starts at 1.99 million yen, this is 420,000 yen cheaper than the next version in the line-up.
However, make no mistake that this is NOT stripped and left the factory with its bumper unpainted and comes with steel wheel simply for cost cutting ala Perodua Viva BX, but this version is offered as an alternative for ready-to-be-modified version for daily or track use. Those non-essential cosmetics were left unadorned as they are meant to be replaced according to the owner preference.

The RC spec comes only with the 6 speed manual option. The engine however is untouched, i.e maintaining the use of FA20 1,998cc engine D-4S engine that features both port and direct injection. For a recap, the engine kicks out 200PS@7000rpm and 205Nm@6,400-6,600rpm. The RC Spec also retained the rest of chassis and brakes setup.
As depicted by the photo above, the 86 RC comes stripped-down with its unique unpainted front and rear bumpers as well door outside handle and door mirror, 205/55 R16 tyres on steel wheels, deleted LSD, unadorned exhaust tip, complete deletion of underfloor and intake manifold cover, halogen headlamp with manual leveling (instead of HID and LED with auto level), Urethane gearknob and steering wheel and as be seen above, the instrument panel comes with no fascia cover. Aircon is deleted too, however the heater sticks in. Other interior paddings and NVH sheets are naturally removed too, as they are so-unrace car like! The result is some 60kg weight savings at 1,190kg compared with other feature-laden variants. Interestingly, due to weight-shedding activity, the RC Spec consumed less fuel than all other variants too, at 13.4 km/L compared to 12.4 km/L. For full detail on Toyota 86 spesification (dimension and engine data), please refer MMN previous coverage HERE. More details after the jump.

In addition to the RC Spec discussed above, there are 3 more variants for JDM market. Immediately above the RC is the G Spec which kicks in at 2.41 million yen, followed by GT Spec which starts at 2.79 million yen and the range-topper is the GT Limited whose entry price is 2.97 million yen. All version bar the RC comes with the option of either manual or automatic gearbox with 6 forward ratio.

The detail differentiation of each specification is described is the table below:

Some more photos of the RC Spec Toyota 86 can be found below:

Toyota 86 is unique in its drivetrain layout, which aim to give the lowest centre of gravity of any sportscar currently in the market. The Boxer engine with low-slung chassis are among the means to achieve this. Below is the showcase on 86 low-down packaging. Such is the marvel of engineering, thanks to the prowess of Toyota/Subaru engineers!

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