27 November 2011

Toyota 86 revealed ahead of Tokyo Motorshow

The eagerly waited Toyota 'Hachiroku' has been revealed ahead of the Tokyo Motorshow next week. The front-engined, rear drive sportscar is named differently between the Japan and European market. In Japan, it will simply be called Toyota 86, while in the Europe it will be named Toyota GT 86. The GT moniker denotes the inspiration in developing the 'Hachiroku', starting from the Toyota S800, a boxer two-cylinder with FR layout from 1962.  The line continues with the 2000GT in 1965 which features svelte looking body styles and powered by 2.0l  straight-6 developed in collaboration with Yamaha. The Celica generation arrived in 1971 and then Toyota Supra is also the main actor in Toyota sports car play house where all its four generation is FR-layout and powered by straight-6 engine. The real descendant to the 'Hachiroku'  however, is the Toyota Levin or Corolla GT AE86. The new Toyota 86 lives in the same principle of front-engine, rear-wheel drive package, compact dimensions, light weight, impeccable balance and superior power-to-weight ratio to deliver a superior sheer excitement and capturing the fundamental joy of driving.

Toyota 86 measures 4,240mm long, 1,285mm high and 2,570mm wide,  and rides on 2,570mm wheelbase.Both the powertrain and the driving position have been set as low and as far back as possible to achieve the best balance: the car has a near-perfect 53:47 front-to-rear weight distribution. The flat-four engine format and the driver's hip point – the lowest of any current Toyota production model – together give the 86 an ultra-low centre of gravity, at just 475mm height.
The GT 86 makes the most of a light kerb weight, making it easy for drivers to exploit its nimble handling and cornering poise. The suspension features MacPherson struts at the front and double wishbones at the rear. The car rides on 18" wheels (17" on European model)  and is fitted with ventilated disc brakes all around.
The car is powered by Subaru-sourced 2.0l flat-4 engine whereby Toyota has added their own D-4S system where the cylinder head are designed to feature both direct injection and port injection for the in cylinder combustion. The combustion cylinder is perfect square 86 by 86mm. It has a high 12.5:1 compression ratio, increasing power and torque across a wide range of engine speeds without sacrificing fuel efficiency and environmental performance. The headline figure is 197bhp@6000 rpm and 205Nm@6600rpm. Drive is channeled to the rear wheel via either short-throw 6 speed manual or 6 speed automatic transmission with paddle shift.
The exterior styling of the Toyota 86 was previewed by the Toyota FT86 iteration 2, where it has eschewed the original concept car svelte futuristic lines. The changes were outlined as the results of driving development where the car body configuration does play a big role in driving experience. It features an evocative and expressive lines, especially in expressing the lower part of the car with huge grille.  The lower grille's "scorpion" look gives the 86 a more powerful appearance.

Inside the cabin, every control surface has been arranged to make the driving experience natural, instinctive and rewarding. The 365mm steering wheel diameter is the smallest steering ever fitted to the any car bearing Toyota nameplate. The meter binnacle is 3-item type with large rev-counter dominating the centre item. Elsewhere in the cabin, the 2+2 gets an all-black headlining, aviation-style rocker switches and lightweight, aluminium pedals. The JDM car features red interior detailing too. More detail and galleries after the jump.

The Toyota 86 will make an official debut at Tokyo Motorshow, which will start from 30 November 2011. The 86 cousin, the Subaru BRZ will debut at the same event. The car is due to be on sale in the UK from June 2012.

The summary of the car specification can be found below:

Length x width x height (mm) = 4,240 x 1,775 x 1,330
Wheelbase (mm) = 2,570
Wheeltrack (F/R) (mm) = 1,520/1,540

Type= 2.0l flat-4 D-4S
Bore and stroke (mm) = 86 x 86
Maximum power = 197bhp@7000 rpm
Maximum torque = 205Nm@6600 rpm
Transmission = 6 speed manual/6 speed automatic

Suspension (F/R) = strut/double wishbones
Brakes (F/R) = Ventilated Disc
Tyre and Rim (F/R) = 215/40 R18/225/40 R18 (JDM)

Gallery of the new JDM Toyota 86 can be found below from Carview:

The photos of European bound Toyota GT86 can be found in the gallery below from Netcarshow.