03 November 2011

Honda CR-Z arrived in Malaysia - RM115,000 OTR

Honda Malaysia today launched the CR-Z sport hybrid into Malaysian shore. Capitalizing on tax break given to hybrid cars with engine capacity of under 2.0l, the CR-Z is priced at pocket-friendly RM115,000 OTR. 

The Malaysian-spec CR-Z comes with the acclaimed 1.5l i-VTEC with IMA hybrid system. The engine is paired with 6 speed manual transmission. Elsewhere around the globe, the CR-Z is available with CVT too. Pairing with manual transmission is what makes the CR-Z unique among all its hybrid peers, strongly postulating an intended sporty image projection. The combine gasoline and electric motor output is 124PS@6000 rpm and 174Nm from 1000-1500 rpm. Combined with lowly 1,160kg kerb weight, CR-Z can sprint to 100km/h in 9.1 seconds.

Honda CR-Z comes with 3 preset driving Modes, namely Sport, Normal and Econ. Opting for Sport enhanced steering feedback and give more urgent throttle response in combination with greater IMA kicks in. Normal on the other hand give you a baseline setup which gives the balance between performance and fuel economy. Econ, as the name suggest, will set the driving mode towards maximum economy by suggesting gearshift timing as well as resetting the IMA response for greater economy. The CR-Z can achieve 25km/l of fuel economy under testing mode.

Honda CR-Z is 4,080mm long, 1,740mm wide and 1,395mm tall with 2,435mm wheelbase. The cabin is 2+2, with rear seats ideal for kids only. With the rear seat in place, boot volume is 214 litre, however by folding the tiny rear seat down, 401 litre of boot space can be liberated, sufficient for a couple of golf bags.

Honda Malaysia priced the car at RM115,000 including insurance, in Peninsular Malaysia. The car gets 3 years/100,000 km warranty. Interestingly, in a move perhaps to combat public perception on hybrid car battery, Honda Malaysia is throwing a generous 5 years/140,000 km  of warranty.

For driving impression of Honda CR-Z, head to Autocar UK report here.

Small photo gallery of Honda CR-Z after the jump.