08 November 2011

Proton bags two award at RAC Future Car Challenge 2011

Proton bags two awards at RAC Future Car Challenge 2011 - from Brighton to London last Saturday. Courtesy of Proton Exora REEV, Proton won the Most Efficient Multi-Purpose Car (Prototype) and Best Overall Extended Range Vehicle (E-REV). The latter award is however shared with Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid, a car that comes from the global automotive leader with bottomless technology bin and pockets. 

Proton team at RAC Future Car Challenge 2011- pic from Paultan
Proton fielded two more car for the event, namely Proton Persona REEV and Proton Saga EV. All three cars were equipped with Proton latest technology in electric and range extender drivetrain developed in conjunction with Frazer-Nash. Where the SAGA is full EV, Persona and Exora REEV is supplemented by Wankel engine tasked to recharge the depleting battery on the go. Proton Persona REEV was just completed in Proton Bristol, UK, with just days to spare before the event. With much better aerodynamics and lower inertia than the  Exora REEV, the Persona REEV was expected to clinch something significant this year. Only to be relegated into "it's not meant to be" destiny eventhough the Persona REEV reached the finishing line of 92km journey with 8 minutes to spare, with its Wankel engine kicked in for just 4.5 minutes when the battery was completely discharged. In comparison, Exora REEV has its gasoline engine running for 34 minutes in last year challenge. But a glitch with data collection system and the Persona REEV is not included in final tabulated results. Full results after the jump.

Danny Tan from Paultan.org was at event and he got the full coverage of the event at:

Full results as below, with Gordon Murray T.27 won the overall title.
1. Most Energy Efficient Small Car (Production) - Smart fortwo electric coupé
2. Most Energy Efficient Small Car (Prototype) - T.27 Gordon Murray Design
3. Most Energy Efficient Regular Car (Production) -Nissan Leaf
4. Most Energy Efficient Regular Car (Prototype) - VW Golf blue-e-motion
5. Most Energy Efficient Large Car (Production) - Peugeot 508 e-HDI
6. Most Energy Efficient Sports Car (Production) - Tesla Roadster
7. Most Energy Efficient Sports Car (Prototype) - Jaguar E-Type
8. Most Energy Efficient Multi-Purpose (Prototype) - Proton Exora REEV
9. Most Energy Efficient Light Commercial Vehicle (Production) - Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell
10. Most Energy Efficient Light Commercial Vehicle (Prototype) -Citroën Nemo Van Electric
11. Best Overall Pure Electric Vehicle - T.27 Gordon Murray Design
12. Best Overall Extended Range/Plug-In Hybrid (E-REV, PHEV) Vehicle - Proton Exora REEV and Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid
13. Best Overall Hybrid (HV, HEV) Vehicle - Honda Insight
14. Best Overall Combustion Engine (ICE) Vehicle -Mini Cooper D Olympic Edition
15. Best Overall Vehicle On Sale At Time Of Event - Nissan Leaf
16. Best Overall Private Entry - Lotus Elise S1 Electric
17. Best Overall Entry - RAC Future Car Challenge Winner, T.27 Gordon Murray Design
18. People’s Choice - Delta E4 Coupé