22 November 2011

Lexus launched the entry level GS250, GS-F to be LFA powered?

Lexus launched the smallest version yet of its mid-sized sedan , the GS250 at Guangzhou Motorshow. Powered by the 2.5l V6 D-4S engine producing 206bhp@6400 rpm and 253Nm@4800 of power and torque figures respectively, sufficient to push the 4,850mm long sedan to century sprint of respectable  8.6 seconds and 230km/h of top speed. The V6 engine is hooked to 6 speed Super ECT-i automatic transmission. Combined fuel consumption is 11.2km/l.

The smaller engine capacity should increase the appeal of the GS series in engine-size sensitive market, such as in UK and also Asian country. BMW and Mercedes also offered the small engine, even in 2.0l guise in their E-Class and 5-Series at some point. This should cater the lower end of the mid-size luxury sedan market, where the previous GS never dipped below 3.0l engine.

However, according to Lexus, there is no plan to equip the GS with four-cylinder diesel to given BMW 520d a run for its money. The hybrid model is already there to cater the market segment which otherwise will opt for a diesel.

In the meantime, there is also a rumours of M5-rivalling version of Lexus GS. There is a possibility of the hot GS-F to be powered by a version of Lexus LFA V10 engine, reduced in capacity to 4.6l and targeted to produce around 450bhp. Lexus is really upping their ante this time around, with comprehensive segment coverage of their model in the territory that is firmly occupied by the German. Interior photos after the jump.