20 November 2011

Nissan Juke R - 480bhp cross-crossover!

Remember the unconventional looking Nissan Juke? Basically a crossover segment defiant that blur the boundaries between family hatchback with offroad pretention. Now the crossover has been crossovered again, this time it has commit intra-family matching, with far beastly superior Nissan GTR. You could just imagine the small Nissan Juke shoehorned with the V6 twin-turbocharged engine of the car that could eat Porsche 911 for its breakfast.
The body panel has pumped up with flaring wheel arches, aggressive skirting and two-piece rear spoiler. In case the alloy wheels look familiar, it is because they are from Nissan GTR, a 20" RAYS forged item.
The matt-black car gets a revised front end too. The lower fascia especially gets two additional air intakes and they looks as if they could swallow a newborn baby. Talk about the feisty face here.
The roll-caged cabin borrows some of the GTR switchgear. The gear console and know, the audio interface and of course the steering are from the supercar-eater sibling. According to Nissan, they will build the car in RHD form after this, and both of these will start pounding the test track soon. Nissan is tight-lipped about the intention of this car, but don't rule out a limited production run. Enjoy the gallery from Netcarshow after the jump. 

Below are the videos explaining the build process of Nissan Juke R.