01 November 2011

Toyota FT86 - specs, photo & driving impression

In a series of controlled leak, the information about the forthcoming Toyota FT86 is gradually increasing. From the latest spec, we know that the FT86 will come in two guises, the standard and high-spec. In addition to that, a "Customized" grade will be made available too, essentially a stripped-out version of FT86.

All versions are set to have 2.0l flat-4 producing 197bhp@7000rpm and 205Nm@6600rpm of power and torque. The front-engined rear drive layout vehicle will channelled the drive via 6MT or 6AT gearbox. No performance data is available yet. However, in light of 'green' era, the absence of performance figure is replaced with fuel consumption figure, 13km/l for the base model and 12.4km/l for the top model, drawn from 50l fuel tank capacity.
The Toyota FT86 is 4,240mm long, 1,775mm wide and just 1,285mm tall. The squat appearance is further enhanced with 2,570mm giving it a short overhang, particularly at the rear. The weight for low-spec manual is respectable 1,210 kg while the stripped Customized spec weights in at 1,190kg. The fully equipped high-spec is heavier at 1,250kg for 6AT version. The manual version is 20kg lighter. The manual version gets LSD for both version while for the automatic geared, only the high-spec is equipped with such device. Both version however gets the VSC.

Suspension system comes with strut at the front and double wishbone for the rear suspension. Front brake is ventilated disc at the front and rear, except the low-spec variant make do with solid disc at the back. Tyres is 215/45 R17 for the high-spec while the cheaper version is equipped with 205/55 R16. Lightweight version gets  steel rim of 16".
The High-Spec FT86 cabin
In terms of equipment level, all version gets a standard dual front airbags and curtain airbags. The high-spec model gets additional features such as HID headlight, LED DRL,  leather-wrapped steering, paddle shift for 6AT, auto air-con, 6 speakers audio system, metallic and carbon fibre insert for the cabin and the option of alcantra upholstery on the top of higher-grade fabric seats. More photos and details after the jump.
Low-spec version make do with smaller alloys, optional leather-wrapped steering, no LED, optional HID, no paddle shift for 6AT and 2 speaker setup. The most interesting spec is the Customized grade which shed away weight by having steel 16", unpainted bumpers, door handle and side mirror and the deletion of aircon & audio systems. 
The lightweight Customized FT86 with its bare exterior and cabin
One of the accessories package available is the Modellista package. This package consists of new front and rear bumpers, skirting and alloy wheel. Surely there's a few more waiting to be leaked!
Toyota FT86 with Modellista package
Autocar driving impression

It has become a trend now that the main publisher gets the chance to test drive the prototype. Toyota FT86 is no exception. Autocar UK reported that the FT86 feels light and compact with snug driving position is the tight-hugging sport seat. The engine growl, and even with slight notchy gearchange, the car feels quick and light on its feet. The steering is quick at 2.5m lock to lock, giving the impression of agility even the roll is quite pronounced. The 53/47 weight distribution give it a well grip and poise for turn-in and will settle for understeer when breaching its limit. But the bottom line is the car handles well, and was praised for its adjustability in the cornering attitude. It can be neutral, and with slight steering and throttle work it can oversteer too. All in all, despite its tiny power, it gives you an accessible performance.

Read Autocar report here.

The spec sheet is as below, complete with comparision with Mazda MX-5, RX-8 and Honda CR-Z:

Photos are from FT86 forum