31 October 2011

Renault Pulse debut in India

India market is one the most promising playground for global automotive player apart from explosive China market. In a testament to this, Renault has forged their entry is the modern supermini with the launch of the Pulse model. Essentially a rebadged Nissan March (or Micra depending on market), Renault has reworked the front end completely with new sharper headlamp and more aggressive grille arrangement. The version below is the sportier version with much more angular chin thanks to very pronounced skirting.
Typical of a rebadged activity, the front end redesign is fairly simple as retooling for the hood, fender and front fascia are cheaper. The rear however is different story. To modify the rear end, the costly side structure needs a redesigned too. Side structure is the single largest stamped piece for most cars (unlike Dacia Logan though which uses two piece side panel), as other bigger panels such as floor panels are stamped separately between front and rear. Due to this, the rear aesthetic is pure Nissan, except the bumper.
The interior is also wholesomely carried over from the donor Micra/March with its circular design theme. Apart from the Renault emblem, the rest of the interior including the color choice is directly lifted from the Nissan stablemate.
Engine choice mirror those on Nissan as well, with 1.2l 3-cylinder gasoline and 1.5l turbo-diesel lump. The Renault Pulse will be build at Renault-Nissan Chennai plant is expected to carry slightly more premium pricing over Nissan Micra.

Another set of photos after the jump.