23 October 2011

Proton to expand globally & need a lot of workforce

Proton is sets on expand globally and it need a lot of workforce to, well, do the work. They have advertised a whole page advert on today's STAR (22/10/11) outlining their global ambition. Plenty of vacancies are available particularly in engineering design, CAE, Vehicle Cost Reduction, Procurement as well as Manufacturing division among others.

For all car enthusiastic  out there, why wait anymore? Instead of bashing around the internet with the the nonsense people, why don't you join Proton to shape the future of the car which the public and commoners so madly want and keep voicing it through the net. Provided you have proven intelectuality ( i.e minimum degree), you are qualified to join the the workforce.

On a different note:
An old friend recently told the hectic stories in Proton like the project they are currently working on and their future programs and agenda. As a car enthusiastic like me, I gets excited like hell when I heard that. It gets the fire burning again. People said life is about moving forward, but is there such a thing as taking a step back to get to review the whole thing in a bigger picture? Or plainly speaking, should I go back there to re-energize?