18 October 2011

2012 Toyota Avanza - latest photo

With the launch date getting closer, more "spied" photos of Toyota Avanza/Daihatsu Xenia become available. The circulating photos are all look like they are from salesman/dealer review and briefing, judging by the number of people surrounding the car. Below are the latest photo on the net, which outline clearly the more curvy side of Avanza 2012, compared to its utilitarian predecessor.

While the MPV is almost confirm still sitting on commercial ladder-frame platfrom (i.e small lorry), the designer has put greater effort in making the budget MPV sleeker. The raked rear D-pillar and shapely rear combi for example has reduced the bland proportion of current Toyota Avanza.
With the Veloz version here, the raked pillar is further enhanced with sportier spoiler and rear bumper. Overall, the new MPV is perhaps a bit nicer and will be able to put the battle to Nissan Grand Livina, and in case of Malaysian market, to Perodua Alza and Proton Exora, whom looks drastically more modern in their detailing. More after the jump.

According to industry source, the Malaysian market will no longer get their Avanza from Perodua Rawang plant anymore. In a move to slash production cost, the production of Avanza right now is solely in Indonesia.  Even with CBU cost factored it, the masssively cheaper part cost from Indonesian supplier still make the business case to fully import it to Malaysian market.

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