27 October 2011

Brilliance V5 SUV - a China SUV with Bimmer X1 resemblance?

Fancy the stylish BMW baby-SUV the X1 but can't quite afford it? What about having the Brilliance V5 which look quite close to the real thing, and made by the joint venture of Brilliance-BMW no less? Perhaps, through the joint-venture thing, you are actually getting 'some' of the X1 bits.
The color scheme looks familar, right down the silver bits at the bottom of the bumper and skirting. The side profile also revealed similar story, with more than passing resemblance of X1 silhouette.
But that's where any similarities end. Inside the cabin and under the hood is a different story altogether. The car is powered by Mitsubishi 1.6l engine with 119bhp and 151Nm of power and torque. The SUV is also available with Brilliance-owned 1.5l turbocharged lump that produce 136bhp and  200Nm of power and torque. The SUV is sets for official unveiling in November and will be sold at around 85,000 yuan. The V5 was originally meant to be launched during Shanghai Autoshow, but rumours said that their partner, BMW, is not too pleased to see the car that is so close to the X1 launched before the 'original' X1 itself, hence the  delay in its launching date. Head after the jump for more photos of exterior and interior. Data sourced from Autohome via Carnewschina.