28 October 2011

2012 Honda CRV fully uncovered!

First official photo of the 2012 Honda CRV after a series of leaked and spyshots
Honda Japan has revealed the new 2012 Honda CRV SUV, well sort of, by launching the teaser website for their new baby. Limited details are available for now, but for Japan spec at least, the SUV remained to be powered by 2.0l hooked to 4WD drivetrain. Engine choice for America meanwhile was rumoured to be 2.4l and 2.5l.

The circulating spyshots covered in my previous articles are very close to production form. Hence the design of the instrument panel, centre console and the car generally is no longer a surprise. Refer below to my previous posting on China Spyshots, Leaked Interior Spyshots and Leaked Patent.

As demonstrated by the Concept CR-V, the headlamp is well-blend into the front grille, itself is no longer a dual-tiered as the current model. Extensive black cladding is used throughout the exterior.
The rim design
Click for more details and interior and exterior photo after the jump.

The sensuously curvy D-pillar, rear light and tapered chrome window surround 
It remained to be seen whether the interior take a dive in quality, perceived at least, as in the new 2012 Civic. However, the architecture of current CR-V is preserved via the positioning of gear lever at the base of the centre console. The centre console is changed from current vertical design, by sprouting the air vents outward, and positioning the secondary screen at the top of the console. Refer at the bottom of the text for current interior design for comparison.

The door trim design has been simplified. The door pull handle has been eliminated, replaced by pull cup handle integrating with the armrest+power window switch panel. The secondary storage space above the glovebox seems to be deleted too. Floor console is higher mounted, with storage compartment featuring sliding closure.
Current Honda CR-V interior (LHD)
Judging by the fact the the car is already teased in the website, the Japan launched can't be that far away. American debut is scheduled to be on Los Angeles Motorshow, with the Japan launched perhaps will be done simultaneously.