03 October 2011

Proton on track for APRC driver championship

Proton's Alister McRae finished third in last weekend Hokkaido APRC Rally in Japan. The leg was won by the Gaurav Gill in his Mitsubishi EVO X., and second place gone to reigning champion Katsuhiko Taguchi in his . Third on the podium is McRae with his, and our beloved, PROTON Satria Neo S2000.

It was three way battle for driver championship leading towards Japan rally last weekend, with Christ Atkinson leading the championship with 109 points, followed by Alister McRae in second and Gaurav Gill in running in third. The first two leading drivers are driving, well, Proton Satria Neo S2000.

With Atkinson retiring from the race, the battle remain status quo. However, due to technical infringement,  Gill is excluded from Japan's result, leaving the battle for driver to both Proton drivers only! To make the matter sweeter, in Akira Bamba in Proton Satria Neo Cusco won the group N in FIA APRC Junior.

Its Satria Neo all the way. Pity that Satria Neo only get this kind of exposure so late in its life cycle.