10 October 2011

Suzuki Swift GX - cheaper than ever

Suzuki Malaysia has added a GX version of its popular Swift model, in addition to the recently launched GLX and GXS variant. The car is essentially a pre-GLX/GXS , meaning that it does not get the higher spec Swift Sport inspired front and rear bumpers, skirting, expressively-styled rear spoilers and new graphic for rear combi. In addition (or reduction rather) to those, you will also lose the integrated double DIN audio system, in come the Blaupunkt single DIN audio with USB reader and some storage space beneath it, retractable side mirror with indicator and rear headrest are all gone missing. Digital information screen and key less entry were deleted too. What you will get is just a good-old-Swift with much admired sweet handling, yours for just RM65,888 OTR.
However, Suzuki Malaysia luckily did not strip bare the equipment, as the cheapest Swift still retained its
dual airbags, ABS, EBD and Brake Assist. With the price of RM65,888, the Swift GX is just around RM4,000 more than the newly launched Perodua Myvi Extreme. Perhaps  this is the an attempt from Suzuki to wrestle the sale from the Perodua. However, you should know that you are buying a car that is, for many world market at least, is a last generation car. With the new Swift already on sale in many major market, just don't get disappointed if you newly bought car suddenly become obselete and yesteryear news!

Small gallery below from Paultan and Arenakereta.