17 October 2011

Proton Saga FLX vs Perodua Myvi vs Hyundai i10 by CBT

Ever wondered what is the best car for your RM50k? For the price bracket, there's not much choice, and not much point to choose other than the national cars and the locally-assembled budget car. They are a much better and reliable choice than buying a dying old banger.

CBT runs the test to help you in choosing the right car for this budget. Ultimately, what they concluded is the Proton Saga FLX has the best interior and boot space due to its sedan body, Hyundai i10 has the best interior quality, Perodua Myvi triumphed on equipment level, the lithe i10 suprisingly topped the performance and handling, and the overall winner, after everything considered, is Proton Saga FLX.

The article can be found at CBT website and Motor News Magazine #6. Summary of the articles can be found after the jump and belong to CBT.

The non-national car, Hyundai i10 is unsurprisingly the most expensive at RM53,988. Proton Saga FLX meanwhile is the cheapest at RM44,998 and this is already its most expensive variant for 1.3 model. New Perodua Myvi is RM49,900 in Premium automatic version

Cabin Space
Myvi and Saga FLX draws on amount of storage compartment while i10 loose out in practicality terms. Saga, with its sedan body, is easily the most accomodating, cabin-wise and boot-wise.

Interior Quality
Perodua Myvi scored higher on perceived quality compared to Saga, not a surprising results judging by how archaic Saga looks in comparison. However, Hyundai i10 scores the highest in terms of interior quality.  For equipment level, Myvi is equipped with more modern touch such as Bluetooth connectivity and Isofix seat anchor. Saga meanwhile countered with steering wheel mounted audio button. i10 loses out on aircon efficiency.

Performance and Handling
Proton Saga feels like a true drivers car with its more accurate and meaty steering. Its engine is punchier too with CVT on tow. Myvi is deemed as Myvi as ever. However, the i10 scores the most fun handling with its nimble and engine that is loved to rev, notwithstanding the over-light steering

Overall, as described above, Saga FLX triumphed its opposition after all factors considered. For more details of the article, head to CBT website or buy Motor News Magazine #6. Support our local product!