12 October 2011

2012 BMW F30 3-series interior spyshots

3 days to go before the official unveiling of the next generation BMW 3 series, the interior of the bread-and-butter BMW model, the F30 has been spied, revealing for the first time the floor console design.
The design of the F30 cabin is a mixture from F10 5-series and F20 new 1-series.  The dashboard is visibly taller than the outgoing model, with more driver-centric layout. Previous spyhots already indicated the stand-alone screen for GPS/i-drive which hopefully eliminate the "basement-feeling" of current non-i-drive E90 model with their plain dashboard. More photo after the jump.

The design of floor console is similar to F20 1-series, with clear segregation of gear console and the rest of floor console accomodating the i-drive controller among other things. The car also will retain the traditional handbrake instead of electronically-controlled item of the more expensive BMW's.

From the previous spyshots, some of features in the F30 has been clarified such as below:
1.Black Panel Display:
2. Key fob design:
3. Rear seat
All photos are from F30post. The official unveiling will be this Friday, 14th October 2011.