17 October 2011

Power Window Lifetime Warranty by Proton

Proton introduced Power Window Lifetime Warranty (PWLW) today, applicable for all its car that is registered from 1st September 2011 onwards. The Lifetime definition in this case is 10 years and 250,000 km. Also included in the warranted car is current model which has been registered earlier, but still under warranty as of 1st September 2011. In this instance, the PWLW duration is shortened to the remaining mileage and years towards the original PWLW lifetime target.
It is a pity that people still associate Proton's car with power window problem because the problem should be car and model year spesific only, not the whole duration of Proton existence! But well, it is very hard to clean up the tarnished image, which was plagued by the quality problem and amplified by the bashers around Malaysia when their friend's mother's uncle's neighbour's dog's auntie get their power window broken. Such is the rush of news that it appears as if every car is defected!

According to Proton statistic, DPU per car is now stands at 0.26 in August 2011, compared to 8.0 in 2006/07. The figure did spiked during the introduction time of new model, but that is normal statistical trend that is observable in any company producing any product. Public should be made to understand that Proton from pre-2006 is not the same as it is in 2011. There's been numerous changes in leadership, thinking quantum and work methodology that has single reason of existence, i.e to deliver the best product to the nation. Many initiatives have been adopted and assimilated in the way they do things, including change of top gun, vendor consolidation, you name it! Perhaps the number  of people with complacent, lazy and "tidak apa" attitude has been reduced too due to either death or retirement. If you go through the corporate structure, there are obviously a lot of new faces, some are from better competitors and some are even from global company, and they are there to improve things. As a whole, they have been rejuvenated from their past years. Anyway, it is mountaineous task to change the public perception that has been hurt for so long, so it is a challenge they should persevere to transform the image in totality. And good luck to the engineer in-charge of power window!

Going back to PWLW, more detail of this scheme and its eligibility condition can be found at http://www.proton-edar.com.my/After-Sales/Our-Warranty/Power-Window-Lifetime-Warranty.aspx