06 October 2011

Taiwan's new EV concept - Avant GT

There's new concept car that runs on pure EV mode, called Avant GT. The Taiwan car is the product of five companies collaboration, design firm Studio X-Gene, Simulation software company Altair and technology partners Delta Electronics, Wistron and Qisda.
The car is pitched as "pure electric sports grand tourer", perhaps akin to Porsche Panamera and Aston Martin Rapide, but with environment-friendly electric drivetrain.

The car showcased Taiwan automotive engineering expertise, and partnering with Altair Engineering, the product was exposed to the latest computer simulation and design optimization available in the market today. More after the jump.
Among fellow automotive engineer, Altair is no stranger, as at the minimum, their software is used as a pre-processing tool to prepare the structural/thermal model for analysis. Over the years, Altair software has shown its capability in design optimization as well as solving modal and structural analysis. 

Small gallery of the car is available below: