11 October 2011

Honda NSX is back!

In the eve of Frankfurt motorshow, Honda President and CEO admitted that they are making progress in exotic sportscar. The replacement for the aluminum-bodied 90's supercar has somewhat a turbulent ride in its gestation period, with on-off stop-go kind of difficulties. The project was officially canned at the end of 2008 together with its F1 program. The completed car however now is competing in SuperGT, in the forms of Honda HSV-010GT. In the recent movie Avengers, the prototype Acura is used, with some resemblance to the canned NSX project. Although Honda continually denies that the prototype previewed the next NSX, the styling cues shared between this and the canned car is pretty obvious.
The details is very scarce. According to Autoexpress, Honda is believed to be working with V6 engine with capacity of around 3.5 to 3.7 litres, aided by twin small electric motor setup. Honda has made it clear that they are not chasing ultimate horsepower game, but they are chasing efficiency instead. More photos and comparison to HSV-010 after the jump.

The Acura protoype has the same flat front layout as per HSV-010. The details is different, including the lack of headlamps on Acura model, but this is expected as the original design probably has aged a bit. The car also is a roadster instead of fixed head coupe. Fix the roof and probably the resemblance will be much greater.
The rear of Acura is as boxy as the HSV, but the car gets more modern LED light, with the deletion of centre hump. No surprise here as the concept is a roadster with no rear glass line to be extended down. I strongly believe a production version of NSX, prior to transformation towards HSV GT car has the same sillhouete as the Avengers showcar. Thrown in the modern lighting and detailing, and roof, and probably we have preview of new NSX after all!