31 October 2011

Audi A4 range gets a facelift

Audi has update its A4 range for model year 2013. The revised A4 gets a new front headlight that follow the same trend as the new A6 and facelifted A5. The restyled hood was accompanied by the new radiator grille that features six-point edge. The redesigned rear bumper and revised rear combi graphic complete the exterior makeover. The Avant, Allroad and S4 model are part of the complete range makeover.

Inside the car, the revised A4 gets a new steering wheel and new color option. Additional chrome accents and updated infotainment are among the newly added item. Other than that, the interior is finished up to the typical Audi exquisite detailing that can't possibly come from any other makers.

If you think the new A4 look huge compared to its direct rival of BMW 3 Series and Mercedes C-Class, this is because it is indeed big. The sedan measures 4,700mm long (the Allroad and S4 is slightly longer at 4,720mm), a healthy 100mm longer than the aforementioned rivals. 2,810mm wheelbase is also longer, but the new BMW F30 has grown to similar magnitude too. Width is 1,830mm and height is 1,410mm. The Allroad is slightly taller at 1,500mm.

Engine choice for the facelifted A4 is the new 1.8l TFSI with 170bhp and 320Nm of power and torque respectively. Another gasoline engine is the 3.0l TFSI in two state of tune, 272bhp in the A4 and 333bhp in the S4.

Fans of diesel will be served with 2.0l TDI in 136bhp, 163bhp and 177bhp. No guess which one is more economical though. The lowest powered version is good for 4.2l/100km of fuel consumption.

The engines are paired with standard 6 speed manual for A4 Sedan and Avant with front wheel drive, and CVT is available too. The quattro version however gets the option of 7 speed S-Tronic double clutch transmission. 

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Audi A4 Avant front view

Audi A4 Avant rear view

Audi A4 Allroad front view

Audi A4 Allroad rear view

Audi S4 Sedan front view

Audi S4 Sedan rear view

Audi S4 Avant front view

Audi S4 Avant rear view

Audi S4 interior

Audi S4 Sedan rear accomodation

Audi S4 door trim

Audi S4 gear console

Audi S4 meter binnacle

Audi A4 gear console