14 October 2011

Vygor Opera - sport crossover from Italy

This is Vygor Opera, a high-riding coupe from Italy, giving it a coupe-SUV crossover sort of stance. While supercar and to certain extent, a supermini is what Italian is reknown for their stylish and emotional design, the same can't be said to their crossover, which make the BMW X6 appears like a beauty queen.
The crossover has  tubular steel spaceframe, skinned with aluminium and composites bodywork.  This gives it a reasonable 1500kg of kerbweight. The car is powered by a non-specified engine producing between 300-400 hp, driving the 18-22" wheel through all-wheel-drive drivertrain, and suspended by all independent setup all around.
As the wisdom say, beauty is in the eyes of beholder. Hold you breadth and check out more photos of this new Italian-bred coupe SUV.