02 November 2011

Subaru BRZ Concept STi broke cover ahead of LA Motorshow

Subaru BRZ STi broke the cover ahead of its unveiling at LA Motorshow on November 16. This is the thinly disguised production car that will be revealed alongside its cousin Toyota FT86 in Tokyo Motorshow in December. We finally gets to see the bodied car after a series of wireframe concept shown many months back.
The car basic shape is identifiable as FT86-derived, but the detailing is more edgy. At the front, apart from similar headlamp, the bumper detailing is more angular compared to triangular-themed FT86. LED strips are featured too on the outer edge air intake. 
At the back, similar hard-edge theme continues. Where the FT86 gets a tear-drop sideways rear light, the BRZ rear light is more angular. It appears wider as the lights are narrower and does not extend to the trunklid panel as they are on FT86. By altering the bumper design (especially upper part that intersect with rear light, essentially form rear light housing), the rear end has been re-created to be more mascular. The diffuser-style lower garnish complete the rear makeover. 
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Typical to STi fashion, the car is painted in WR Blue Pearl II, an evolution of Subaru classic blue. While the powertrain was left untouched, Subaru STi has added firmer suspension, 18" wheel, Brembo brakes and bigger rear wing. The tyres are a touch bigger than the high-spec Toyota FT86 at 215/45 R18 at the front and 225/45 R18 for the rear. Dimension of the car mirrored those of FT86, albeit the car is slightly lower and wider, perhaps due to its lower STi-tuned ride height and more mascular flanks of this concept car.

The car is powered by boxer 2.0l lump with square (86 x 86) combustion chamber, which features direct-injection system, as per FT86.  The placement of low c.o.g boxer engine in strategic position in the chassis (low down and rearward of the car length-wise) has yielded one of the lowest c.o.g for any car in the market today. This gives the car a low polar moment, and when coupled with low mass, should give the car razor sharp handling. This is verified when Autocar tested the prototype Toyota FT86 (read here).

There's a rumor that the BRZ will be more powerful than its FT86 sibling. While the FT86 focused on accessible performance, wouldn't it be great if the BRZ can offer something like Impreza WRX STi level of power? Finally BRZ name doesn't shout any aggresiveness, it sound more like bath tub instead of driftable sports car!