26 February 2012

Volvo V40 - details and gallery

Volvo is set to introduce the most stylish car ever to wear a Volvo badge in Geneva Motor Show this year. After a series of scanned brochure, magazines and facebook leak, now we can witness the full resolution of Volvo latest hatchback, including the interior pictures.
Mixing the best of Volvo current design elements such as the S60 front fascia ,latest V60 glass house silhouette and the strong shouldered rear end design from the XC60, the V40 represents the best culmination of Volvo design so far.

The new V40 is 4,369mm long, 2,041mm wide (including mirrors) and 1,445mm tall. The wheelbase is 2,647mm. This puts the car squarely within the road space occupied by its rivals which include the likes of BMW 1 Series.

The engine selection mirrors those on the Volvo S60 which include the turbocharged 1.6L in T3 and T4 state of tune and a 2.5L T5 punching out 251bhp. The diesel range will include 1.6L in D2 state producing 113bhp, 2.0L D3 with 148bhp and topped by the same engine in D4 tune that produced 175bhp.
Also revealed for the first time is the V40 cabin, or to be spesific the Instrument Panel design. Loosely following the same trend as per the S60, the elements from the afore-mentioned model has been further refined with the prominent outlines for the driver upper fascia instrumentation which include the meter binnacle, control screen and dual-outlet aircond duct with chunky surrounding. The thin-panel centre console continues to feature four rotary knob flanking the climate control and audio fascia. The seats appear as comfy as Volvo's seat traditionally always are.
The new V40 adopt some intricate detailing to boost its aerodynamic credentials. The rear spoiler for instance has been optimized to reduce the drag by adopting protruding fins and staggered spans for the spoiler design. The rear fascia of the car is highly curvaceous, highly sensual  in its raked rear screen and swept back rear combi and blackened portion on the tail gate panel. Very Volvo, but very modern indeed. The V40 could replace both S40, V50 and C30 all in one swoop, and there's a rumor within the industry that the car also could spawned a XC40 crossover to battle it out with BMW X1 and Audi Q3.

More glossy photos after the jump, and what a photo they are!

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