26 February 2012

Proton to revamp management team in March & DSSZ back to Perodua?

According to Malaysianinsider, Proton will retain its current management team until the transfer of 42.7% shares to DRB-Hicom is completed, which is expected to happen next month, said by Tun Dr Mahathir. Tun also said that there is no confirmation upon the return of Tengku Tan Sri Dr Mahaleel to Proton as a chairman, as at 23 February 2012.

DRB-Hicom initiate the purchase of Khazanah's shares in Proton back in mid January where is has offered to take over the 42.7% stakes in Proton, totalling RM 1.291 billion in monetary worth. Since then, there has been a rumours in the new management team displacing current Proton's top management, covered by MMN back in 21st January.

Meanwhile, Tengku Mahaleel left Proton is September 2005 after his contract was not renewed by Proton management at that time. Till that date, Tengku Mahaleel has succeed in, for the first time, establishing Proton's R&D facilities with adequate resources to develop the vehicles from conception to mass production as well as setting up the massive assembly facilities in Tanjung Malim.

On a different note, there is a whisper within the industry that a whole new shock is about to happen, and it mirrors the pre-September 2005 quite closely, albeit in inverse. Think about this date, and think about Tengku Mahaleel and Datuk Seri Syed Zainal. Still couldn't get it? Ok I'll be blunt here, while it has been strongly suggested that Tengku Mahaleel is set to take up a Proton's chairman role, little has been discussed about Syed Zainal movement. The latest MMN heard is that he could be back to lead Perodua!

If this is true, it is a shame that another national talent has been taken by foreign-controlled company, just like some GLC leaders in the past. The visionary Tengku Mahaleel, supported by engineering perfectionist of Syed Zainal could just be what Proton needs these days! But this opinion is, of course, from  a mere car blogger, and people in industry will prefer to label as an 'armchair expert'.

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