06 February 2012

Proton P3-21a photo continues to leak!

Perhaps it is a gimmick, perhaps it is untrusted employee, or even it is the unsuspecting vendor. In the era of camera phone, it is nigh on impossible to monitor those tiny gadget capable of capturing image. And phone nowadays is not the crappy 1MP item, some are even 12MP. So there you go, another leak of P3-21a from the leaky funtastickodesign automotive blog.

What do you think? The other leak photos can be seen from MMN previous entry HERE for you appetizer prior to the official launching which was rumoured to be on 16th March 2012. So book your date!

Finally, it is the final day to vote for Social Media Awards 2012. So far, Malaysia Motoring News is 8th, which is nothing to shout about. So reader, you can be better than simply just hop in read and then leave untraced! You know what to do and tonight is your final chance.

VOTE for Malaysia Motoring News for Social Media Award 2012. Click HERE to be redirected to the voting page.

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