30 January 2012

Proton P3-21a - final design jigsaw revealed

The final mystery of Proton much spied P3-21a has been revealed, its the rear end design. Funtasticko blog has revealed the rear end design of the P3-21a. It conform the existence of light panel on the trunk lid, but the extend of its coverage is limited to the outer edge only, not full-width like the Tuah concept. However, there is a chrome bars that run along the trunk width.

The car in this photo is believed to be the same car as the one that revealed the front end of the P3-21a last November, perhaps the "releaser" want to release in stages to keep the hype up. Anyway, the car has some Germanic overtones to its simplistic character; the crisp trunk edge lie, rear combi outer hosing ala Audi in its spartan and subtle graphic (but Audi has years worth of merry LED arrangement) and while the bumper is mounted high up, the trunk lid panel actually cut almost half of it to give an acceptable loading height. The paper wrap actually covered the rear flanks a bit, but one can expect a clean chunk of surface there with minimalist surface interplay. So this Italdesign Guigiaro masterpiece huh?

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The front end was displayed back in November. Just a recap the uncovered car such a simplistic design too, but has an uplifted detail character in the shape of LED DRL insert along the bottom edge of the headlamp, which inner graphic that include black backdrop, with prominent projector(maybe?) headlamp in chrome surround that together with the side indicator, stands proud in contrast with their blackened surround. Consistent with simple bare chrome strip at the back, there is a single thin chrome line that run parallel to the hood leading edge that intersect with large proton badge. The radiator grille addenda is limited to just three fins that possibly design to hark back to original Proton Saga from 1985. This is in absolute contrast with the lower grille garnish that feature a more modern mesh pattern. Overall, one could say that P3-21a will be a  reasonably easy to eye kind of design, with minimal jarring touch that could offend some conservative people. More after the jump.

The interior shot too has revealed a great departure from the current crop of Proton cars. The door trim is more deliberate in the design with greater differentiation between upper and lower portion. The door inside handle also been stylishly mounted downward pointing. The IP now has prominent silver accents. The steering seems to be Exora-based, but with an updated button and centre cover. There is strong silvered strips that run along the centre and floor console. Also visible n this photo is the fins at the delta cover at the base of the front door glass. This is perhaps to streamline the air flow in the highly turbulence side mirror surround. The glass moulding and belt-line moulding also appears 21st century.

Recapping back from the feedback from Bro Nazz early this month, there are substantial effort by Proton to justify the P3-21a positioning as its first global car. Among them are:
  • Proton P3-21A is the safest car in its class in Malaysia - the car has passed Euro NCAP 5 stars and equipped with front and side airbags.. While Honda City and Toyota Vios boasts their own unique bodyshell safety such as GOA or ACE, none managed more than merely 2 airbags.
  • Proton P3-21A is guaranteed to deliver best in class handling with its renowned Lotus tuning, as well as featuring costly multi-link rear suspension. Vios and City has a much, much, much cheaper torsion beam setup.
  • ABS and EBD now complemented by the ESC.
  • Premium touches, perhaps inspired by daring equipment level offered by the Korean, will include DRL, Start Button, Light and Rain sensor and build-in GPS.
  • Tyres are 225 in width, wrapping 16" alloy.
  • The steering wheel is Exora-derived, but equipped with plusher boss with chrome lining around the emblem, as well as improved steering mounted switches.
  • The CFE engine with 138bhp/205Nm will be paired with CVT gearbox, but with added manual override with proper +/- gated operation.
  • The IP and door trim top surface adopt a real soft surface, i.e padded, unlike the pseudo-soft touch on current Proton cars.
I think one can safely assume that the P3-21a will break into 4.5m long, much longer than current Persona, and grows into the Inspira size. This is because, judging by the arching roofline,  and the rear door aperture that cut well before C-pillar, the cabin space will be very limited  indeed. Anyway this is only a speculation.

Dear Proton new owner, this car was conceptualized, designed and developed under Datuk Seri Syed Zainal leadership, a fruit of years of strategic effort in bringing up a truly global car, while persevering with archaic and dated vehicle model to hang in to the much needed marginal profit, so it would be a pity if Yang Berbahagia Datuk is replaced simply for getting a new "general" for the sake of new owner preference.

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