07 January 2012

Proton P3-21a - What can we expect?

According to Bro Nazz of Proton Glenmarie, a group of Proton salesman has attended the "Proton Sales Conference and Introduction of P3-21A" , delivered by much-respected Proton MD, DSZ himself.  The purpose of the event is to introduce the much-awaited (and spied) Proton first global car, the P3-21A. It is good that the event was chaired by "the man" himself, the man responsible in turning Proton into a truly car maker for the purchasing masses, while at the same time does not dropped the USP of mid-"nougthies" Proton, i.e great R&H. Perhaps the MD wants to showcase how the P3-21A answer every critics people (and also the bashers) voiced out in every imaginable medium available to them in Malaysia. While it is not possible to satisfy every needs, it seems that Proton has tried their best. Kudos to the engineers all over Proton!
The salient points as outline by Bro Nazz are:
  • Proton P3-21A is the safest car in its class in Malaysia - the car has passed Euro NCAP 5 stars and equipped with front and side airbags.. While Honda City and Toyota Vios boasts their own unique bodyshell safety such as GOA or ACE, none managed more than merely 2 airbags.
  • Proton P3-21A is guaranteed to deliver best in class handling with its renowned Lotus tuning, as well as featuring costly multi-link rear suspension. Vios and City has a much, much, much cheaper torsion beam setup.
  • ABS and EBD now complemented by the ESC (the damned bashers will say Escape).
  • Premium touches, perhaps inspired by daring equipment level offered by the Korean, will include DRL, Start Button, Light and Rain sensor and build-in GPS.
  • Tyres are 225 in width, wrapping 16" alloy.
  • The steering wheel is Exora-derived, but equipped with plusher boss with chrome lining around the emblem, as well as improved steering mounted switches.
  • The CFE engine with 138bhp/205Nm will be paired with CVT gearbox, but with added manual override with proper +/- gated operation.
  • The IP and door trim top surface adopt a real soft surface, i.e padded, unlike the pseudo-soft touch on current Proton cars.

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The interior shot has been uncovered on the last few days of 2011, revealing a great departure from the current crop of Proton cars. The door trim is more deliberate in the design with greater differentiation between upper and lower portion. The door inside handle also been stylishly mounted downward pointing. The IP now has prominent silver accents.  

Finally, dear Proton, why don't you just released a sequenced teaser as the launching is not too distant away???????


Nazz Abdullah said...

tq for sharing my articles.. tq..

Akb4r MMN said...

Thanks to u too for sharing the p3-21a info

Iskandar said...
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Admin MMN said...

Hi Iskandar,
IP is Instrument Panel, which in daily world we called it dashboard. But the car engineer/vendor usually call it IP.