01 January 2012

2012 Peugeot 4008 spied

Remember the pretty cousin to Mitsubishi ASX? The Peugeot 4008 and Citroen C4 Aircross twin was announced in September 2011. No interior photo was released back then. This new set of photo indicated the interior is mostly unchanged. One can clearly see the aircond vent, centre console and circular gear console remain intact from the Mitsubishi ASX sibling. This is fine as the interior of ASX as it is, already quite attractive in its own subtle way. It is the exterior that need some fixing, and the French cousins seem to deliver.
This is non-studio look of the forthcoming Peugeot 4008. It has fixed the shark-nosed ASX into something more attractive. The elongated headlight with prominent Peugeot new corporate grille, flanked by large side air intake with chromed upper section really make difference. The frumpy look of Mitsu is totally gone.
While the glasshouse remain unchanged, it is important to note that the PSA group does not seem to simply take the ASX bodyshell and change the fender front-wards only, the D-pillar design has been changed too, as well as the rear light housing. While the ASX has rear-downwards pointing rear quarter glass profile, the PSA model has a reverse kind on its D-pillar. Together with different rear light housing on the outer edge, it looks as if the whole side outer panel has been altered. This is quite respectable as it gives greater differentiation for all these car, which otherwise are identical underneath. 
Peugeot 4008 will be offered in 4X4 mode in the Europe, with switchable 2X4 and 4X4 with lock function. Both petrol and diesel engines will be offered. The gasoline version line up is made up by 1.6L with 114bhp and 152Nm and 2.0L with 148bhp and 198Nm of power and torque respectively. Standard transmission is 5 speed manual.

The diesel version range starts from 1.6 HDi (109bhp/270Nm) and 1.8 HDi (148bhp/300Nm). Both will be paired with standard 6 speed manual gearbox. The PSA cars are expected to debut at  Geneva 2012. More after the jump.

The photo gallery of Peugeot 4008 can be found below:
For reference in design with original Mitsubishi ASX, refer the gallery below: