19 January 2012

BMW 3 Series F30 is coming in March 2012

BMW Malaysia has announced that the new 3 Series F30 will be launched in Malaysia in March, just a month after the new BMW sport sedan make it to the delivery in other world market in February. Seems that BMW fans (actually should be interpreted as BMW fans with money of course) do not need to wait too long to enjoy the new BMW models.

BMW 335i M Sport illustration - photo from Bimmerpost
BMW Malaysia has made that remark when they were announcing that 2011 has been a record year for BMW Malaysia, with 24% greater volume compared to the year 2010. In 2011, BMW Malaysia sold 5,604 group vehicles comprising of 5,003 BMWs, 301 Minis and 300 Motorrad. Out of the BMW car sold, almost 20% are the diesel engined version, indicating a growing customer confidence in BMW EfficientDynamics concept.

Moving into 2012, BMW Malaysia will continue their sustainable technology offerings in Malaysia. Geoffrey Briscoe, MD of BMW Malaysia also called for a modernize legislative structure where the tax should not be imposed based on engine capacity alone, but also to include the measures of engine emission level. It is not a surprise as BMW has also moved towards engine downsizing, notably with the recent introduction of TwinPower 2.0L in both 520i and 528i. BMW Malaysia will also bring in the ActiveHybrid series of vehicle, although these cars will not qualify for the tax exemption like other hybrids in Malaysia (Prius and CT200h for example) because there's no BMW hybrids with less than 2,000cc engine capacity.

Now, the F30 is coming so quick to Malaysian market. This is good for BMW fans with money. For me, it is still and excuse to continue dreaming until the CKD-ed F30 M Sport is available. Perhaps its time for a job change to expedite the dream to own a brand-new Bimmer?


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