25 January 2012

VW Up! now in 5-door bodystyle

Volkswagen has released the information about the 5 door version of the Up! hatchback, formerly launched as a 3 door variant in August last year. The 5 door Up! retained the 3 door 2,420m wheelbase and 251L of boot space, so the addition of the door are the results of the floor panel re-packaging rather then a simple extension to the floor itself.

Rear passengers in the five-door up! benefit from exactly the same space as those in the three-door model, with 947 mm of headroom (versus 993 mm in the front) and 789 mm of legroom.  The rear seat base is set slightly higher than that in the front, at 378 mm (versus 306 mm) giving passengers a clearer view of the road ahead.

As well as front and side airbags, ABS with Hydraulic Brake Assist, Isofix child seat preparation in the rear and standard ESP (on all but the entry level Take up! model), the up! can be ordered with an optional City Emergency Braking system.  This uses sensors to scan the space ahead of the vehicle, applying the brakes automatically if it detects that the car is about to hit an object in front. The Maps & More infotainment system is a mobile Personal Infotainment Device that was developed to organise navigation, telephone, information and entertainment.  It is removable, but unlike many other similar systems of this type, it melds with the car’s network of systems and can be used to view vehicle information, such as the display of the parking sensors (where fitted).  The system is standard on the High up! model and above, and optional on the rest of the range. More after the jump.

The engine and trim line-up is as per the 3 door version namely a 1.0-liter three-cylinder gasoline unit in 59hp and 74hp tunes and equipment versions of take up!, move up!, high up!.
The technical details and the interior photos of the Volkswagen Up! can be found in my previous news HERE.

Now, how do you see this car in relation to the Proton EMAS prototype? Both are designed by Italdesign, and that was before Italdesign was bought by Volkswagen.

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