21 August 2011

Volkswagen UP unveiled

VW unveiled the UP model today head of Frankfurt Motorshow. The car has been long showcased as concept car for some iterations and finally the mass-production car has been unveiled. 

The car retain a lot of cues from the concept car including the two-box silhouette which maximise interior space,"floating" front bumper and flush rear light setup. While the car retains the looks (see concept below), the drivetrain could not be more different. Whereas the concept used rear mounted drivetrain, the mass produced car utilized conventional FF layout, build on MQB platfrom, which VW sets to use among all VAG family.
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Technical Details:
Dimension : 3540mm x 1640mm x 1480mm (length x width x height)
Luggage space: 251 litres (seat up)/951 litre (seat fold)
Engine:1.0l in-line 3 cylinders, turbocharged gasoline with output of 59bhp and 74bhp 
Transmission : 5 speed manual/automated clutchless
Fuel consumption: 67.3mpg & 65.7mpg for both version above
Trim level: Take-UP, Move-UP and High-UP

While this car effectively replaced Lupo is VW lineup, it is actually 430mm shorter,40mm narrower and 20mm higher. Space is sufficient for 4 occupants. 

More photos below:

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