15 August 2011

BMW 3-series 2012 (F30) spied uncovered

The totally uncovered BMW F30 pictures has surfaced out, thanks to F30post.com. The new photos unveiled that the new Bimmer is indeed elegant in proportion. The front appears sporty yet elegant and the headlights are thankfully sleeker than the awkward F20 1-series. The rear clearly shows a family resemblance to the F10 with subtle L-shaped. Like the F20, the side  indicators are now integrated into the side-mirrors. There also some badging at the front quarter panel where the side indicators used to sit. 
More photos after the jump.

The interior of this particular car seems to be grey or beige. Interestingly, both dashboard and steering wheel have the same color. BMW actually seems to be repeating its past with their fully colored interiors of past days. These shots also show that Head Up Display will finally make its way to the 3-series, as well as the free-standing iDrive screen following the design scheme introduced with the F12/3 6-series.

The F30 will be debuted as 328i and 335i models. The 328i will be powered by the new 'N20' turbo 4-cylinder inline engine, and the 335i by a familiar turbo 6-cylinder inline motor. For a tax-sensitive market like Malaysia, we could still see a smaller engine variant, like the new the unit in F10 520i with 184bhp/270Nm, essentially the same as '28i' model, but detuned for less power. Efficient diesel variant also will undoubtedly available.

The SOP was said to commence in November 2011, with world debut scheduled at Geneva motorshow in March 2012.

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