29 August 2011

Infiniti FX50 - Sebastian Vettel Edition

We have heard for quite sometimes that the commercial agreement between Infiniti and Red Bull Racing (RBR) could spawned a road car project. What surfaced out ahead of Frankfurt motorshow is not a complete new car, but a world champion edition of Infiniti flagship, FX50 Sebastian Vettel Edition. What is obvious is only cosmetic changes. The front bumper is entirely different to bread and butter FX, with more deliberate lower intake design. This wavy design could be inspired by ground-hugging RBR front wing with all the wing element and cascades element included!

The rims is different too, so are the rear spoiler. As depicted is photos below, the changed item could be carbon-fibre composites item. The DRL is added too in the lower bumper. Mechanically still unknown, but we could see some special power hikes to celebrate the defending world champion commanding lead in 2011 F1 season. Two more detail photos after the jump.

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