17 August 2011

Volvo S60 now CKD in Malaysia

Volvo has introduced a CKD version of the S60 model in Malaysia. There is additional variant, as well as deletion of a variant with the arrival of CKD car. The CBU were previously available in T5 and T6 guises, respectively with 2.0 Turbo and 3.0 Turbo, pumping out 240bhp and 304bhp each. They were priced at RM288k for T5 and RM348k for the T6.

There is no T6 version for CKD, the T5 remains and a T4 model added. The T5 model now cheaper at RM 255k. The new T4 version is equipped with the latest down-sized engine in the Volvo family, GTDi  (which also powered the larger S80), a 1.6 i-4 engine with turbocharger. This engine produced 180bhp and  240Nm. No slouch at all. While it only consumes 7.4 l/100km of fuel, it still capable to catapult this sedan to 100 km/h in 9 seconds and 225km/h top speed, while paying only RM90 in road tax! Like the T5, T4 also is paired with Powershift gearbox. The T4 variant is priced at RM220k. More after the jump.

The T4 engine is actually from the GTDi family which stands for Gasoline Turbocharged Direct Injection. The direct injection technology coupled with forced induction to produce an equivalent power and torque of bigger displacement engine.

Some launch photos below, from Paultan.

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