25 August 2011

Land Rover Defender - Vilner crafted lux edition

Among all the spartan and minimalist car in the world, Land Rover should be in top 3 at least. With its exposed hinge, plastic gear lever, tough dashboard, mud-no-problem flooring, it is easily the most simplistic around. Do you fancy cupholder in it? Or maybe leather hide on IP? Forget it! Or you may head to Vilner.

Vilner is a Bulgarian customizer and they have a hefty record in customizing the car. Their recent effort include Smart ForTwo, Toyota iQ and Infiniti FX37. Now enjoy their hand-crafted skills on spartan Defender.
All black exterior imparts massive road presence. Flared arches with tough bull bar, plated hood side and snorkel show serious off-road potent. Yet you surely won't want to dig deep into the mud and step in deep pile carpet. More tasty photos after the jump.

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