11 August 2011

Proton Persona R (P3-21A) spied near COE

Seems that the new Proton Persona R (P3-21A) starts pounding the streets again. This time it was spied by Paultan reader. It still did not reveal much, as the cladding is still very thick.

Pity that we couldn't see the dashboard from this angle. The rest of the car does not reveal anything we don't yet know.
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Two things here. First the rear combi is very likely to be extended to the trunklid fascia too. The fake red light there could indicate the existence of rear combi somewhere there. So, is Tuah/Espire really an indicator on how P3-21A will looks like? Tuah/Espire got it too. Secondly, there is trunk lid key cylinder visible on the bottom right of trunk lid fascia. On its right too, you can see how thick and misleading the cladding is. Just like BLM last time, the camouflaged really masked the real look of the car.

Finally, there is some rumours (from funtastickodesign) on P3-21A specs.
  • Hot-pressed manufacturing method - so can we see a crisp character-line instead of slab sided?
  • Auto wiper and light (light and rain sensor)
  • Bluetooth, USB and iPOD connection as well as GPS - integrated in ICE maybe
  • Auto-cruise
  • 6 airbags including curtain airbags
  • Advanced BCM - natural progression from Exora?
  •  Plethora of active safety - ESP,EBD and ABS
  • Punch CVT VT2 6 speed for 1.6 IAFM+
  • Punch CVT VT3 7 speed for 1.6 CFE probably with paddle shift - I doubt this because VT3 is for 215Nm application and VT2 is limited to 186Nm application. Can Campro CFE has that much torque?
  • SAT function for CVT
  • Headlight with DRL
  • LED rear combi
  • Bigger boot than Persona ( i.e more than 430 lires, hardly suprising judging by the car boot height)

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