29 August 2011

Proton & Hawtai - rumour mill spins again

Recently, the chinese media leaked the news on potential Proton and Hawtai carmaker started to talk on potential deal where Proton top people were said to visit the Hawtai new HQ. Now, more news starts to spread again. In a nutshell:
  • The deal could be big enough covering technical expertise sharing
  • Hawtai visited Proton a few times to understand how Proton operates
  • Proton visited Hawtai multiples times discussing on collaboration
  • Framework is being put up, with various option lay on table covering market and technical joint venture
  • Proton and Hawtai potentially collaborate on engine technology
    • Proton to capitalize on Hawtai diesel expetise
    • Hawtai to tap on Proton gasoline technology. Until now it relies on SAIC engine, with other rumoured Malaysian-based engine maker deal never seen to be able to take off
  • The pair could also work on overseas CKD activities
With this potential collaboration in place, does this means that Proton will no longer work in Youngman. Some industry bird was whispering that the Lotus-Youngman collaboration is no longer in active due to some reason or another. Another impact is, will we never see MSX-resemblance SUV to be badge as Proton?

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