03 August 2011

Official photos of Mazda CX-5 SUV

Mazda has revealed the official photos of its baby SUV, the CX-5. The SUV is scheduled to make it debut at Frankfurt Motorshow, which will be held from September 13-25, next month. The SUV features SKY-ACTIV technology, which is an environmentally-friendly driven engineering concept, covering advanced powertrain and lightweight bodywork. The car also exhibit Mazda new design direction, displacing off the "nagare" concept, which lately has mutated into weird creatures, such as side waves on their new Mazda5. 

 More photos and details after the jump.

Currently, there are two SKY-ACTIV engine identified for Mazda CX5 for European market. They are 2.0 litre gasoline and two states of tunes for 2.2 litre diesel. The new powertrain promises a better fuel efficiency and lower emission level.

On a different note, a revamped Mazda3 also is planned to make it debut in Frankfurt motorshow, with a raft of changes, reflecting on SKY-ACTIV technology as well.

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