17 August 2011

Proton to work with Hawtai?

According to Chinacartimes, Hawtai is exploring opportunities to work with our national car company, Proton Holdings. They was rumoured to hold a discussion recently in Hawtai new HQ in Beijing. The discussed item remains a mystery, however a Chinese media is quoted saying that Proton is in the needs to improve its stance in China, while Hawtai is attempting to get to Indonesian market. Synergized, they could both form an attack to their desired market.

Previously, Hawtai has attempted to sign the deal with Saab, but Youngman wrestle the deal after Hawtai discussion fall through. Maybe Hawtai now want to partner with Youngman old friend - Proton?

Hawtai Motor is a Chinese company producing sedans and SUV in its range. Their cars are largely Hyundai based and the engine was said to be SAIC unit, and some are home grown with VM-Motori technology. They are also reputedly eyeing to use a Malaysian designed engine, but not from Proton or Perodua.

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