26 August 2011

Could this be Malaysian Toyota Camry?

Is it a trend now that the hometown of Japanese car maker will be the last to get the new model? After the new Civic make it debut in US, GCC then lift the lid of their new Civic, whereas the European model will bow in during next month Frankfurt Autoshow. JDM? No where to be seen yet. 

Same story with Camry here. USDM makes it debut earlier this week. Now Toyota Ukraine revealed their model too, with totally different front and rear styling. This is strikingly similar to the car leaked on Modelista brochure. This could be the JDM car too, and could be destinated to be Asian model as this is the "RIGHT" Camry with upright, striking front grille and more formal tail light which shouts Executive Class.

Anyway enjoy the photos. It does not show anything we did not yet know, but this is the official, clear hi-res photos.

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