03 August 2011

Toyota Camry Hybrid 2012 caught during promo shoot

*Updated with non-hybrid front fascia design
A set of new Camry Hybrid photos has surfaced out, when the 2012 model went for promo shooting. For current generation of Toyota Camry, the front and rear detailing for Hybrid model is usually slightly different from the pure-fuel car. The USDM model, furthermore, is even more different from the Asian model. What we see here is never what we will get here in Malaysia, saved for the central section (from A-pillar to C-pillar). Anyway hybrid photos are copyrighted to KGP.
 More photos after the jump.

As mentioned above, non-hybrid model will have different front end treatment. As revealed by Toyota, the front end of USDM non-hybrid will have different bumper design.

The rear seems to have Subaru Legacy overtones to it. Don't you think this car looks, well, a bit too conventional?

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